Thursday, February 3, 2011

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

So, a friend from work is having her tonsils out tomorrow (it's been a long time coming) and we were discussing what she was going to eat. Jelly, pureed fruit - no dairy (apparently that's bad).

I went to the supermarket and got her some baby food as I'd seen uber-chic model Abbey Lee Kershaw slurping on one in the trash-mags. I hope she enjoys her liquid meals!

Anyway, I was trying to find the original photo online of her eating the baby food and I came across an awful, awful website. (see the link)

Our blog can't always be fun and games, sometimes we need to point out some negative things that are going on, such as - this website/blog is a daily guide to starving yourself! I am appalled! Sites like this should be taken down! If you want to feel sick, click the link, but otherwise - trust me - it's cruel!

I understand the internet shouldn't be censored, and it's supposed to be a place for free speech and expression, but we need to think about the damage that sites like this could cause. Eating disorders, even suicide are possible outcomes of anyone, in particular teenagers reading this blog.

I don't know how you can get a site shut down, but if you have any idea - please let me know.

As for Abbey-Lee - at least she's eating!

Love + a healthy lunch!

Wear + Tear.

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