Thursday, January 27, 2011

I prayed to Gaga and the God of Glamour Armani answered my prayers

Eyes closed, hands clenched together, I knelt down and prayed to the only God I know or believe in, Gaga, to bring some other-worldly forms to Haute Couture Spring 2011:

"Please Gaga, if you're listening, bestow upon us with your great influence and wonder, a collection from one of your fellow creatives, one of your favourite designers (R.I.P. McQueen, God of Armour) that fulfills our desire and need for something greater than Earth. Let us see a collection that embodies our visions of a future world - a world where we can all dress in elongated forms of mirror-finished organza, cut on the body to perfection, hats by Treacy, God of Millinery, shoes metallic to match, model's skin glistening as we view it all. We need this. We crave it. Please, Gaga, if you can hear me - give us Glamour!"

And my (our) prayers were answered. Many will protest, some will turn away, but we here at Wear + Tear can only hope that this visionary collection is just a taste of things to come. We will embrace this silhouette, look, texture, ideal to the best of our ability.

I am not a religious person, but this collection is proof that if you pray to Gaga, magic happens.


Wear + Tear.

(click on the image and zoom in for a closer link - also see for original images of this show and the rest of Couture Spring 2011)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Chanel a la Simpsons 77338341 on wearandtear101's Blog - Buzznet

Chanel a la Simpsons 77338341 on wearandtear101's Blog - Buzznet

If only life was like the Simpsons and we could go from average-joe suburbia to wearing Chanel haute couture in a matter of pen-swipes. Love this image and the yellow incantation of Mr Lagerfeld. Truly chic!


Wear + Tear.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Karl Loves Janelle

Our favourite Black and White man, met our new favourite Black and White woman.

The location: Moscow, Russia.

The small-talk: super cute.

Click the link to watch their back-stage awesomeness.


Wear + Tear.

Friday, January 21, 2011

KaKi kInG

If you havent heard of Kaki King you either A) Have recently recycled your ears for a new pair of eyes, or B) Dont dabble too much with triple J.
Either way, this artist should be topping your "TO-DO" list of things to listen to.
With critics coining such phrases as:
"One of the most gifted musical performers of our time" its hard to not want to hear a beat or two.
She has assisted in musical delights with the likes of Tegan and Sara as well as Foo Fighters - bless!

She resounds a rather tom boyish aesthetic and it totally works for her (although very short of what you would expect after listening to her album Junior)

Fave song? Falling Day and Ritual Dance - but its allllll good baby!

Music is my girlfriend, fashionista

"Striped Cheetah" by Lucy Helena on

"Striped Cheetah" by Lucy Helena on "This is a look I put together for a photo-shoot with my band. We decided on the theme of black and white, but I couldn't help but add some bright colours to my outfit."

The hippie hippie shake!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


 This peachy colour is so amazing against Claire Danes' skin.
Love it!
 Emma Stone is naturally a blonde. That flame-haired thing was just a gimmick.
Not sure if we like her au naturale, but this colour is pretty flawless!
Lovely silhouette too.
 Jakey looks confused, but sleek in his suit!
 Mad, mad women! What a sexy dress, amazing colour and chic 'do!
 No idea who this chick is, but loving the gothic/Spanish vibe!
 Julia Stiles where have you been all my life? Never seen her look so good - maybe she's available? For a 10things sequel perhaps?
 Lea Michele is an ice-cream dream in this gown.
 CZJ! Loving the forest green glitz! Age-appropriate!
 More Mila please! We're weak at the knees!
 Milla! This lady can kill zombies like no other model, but look at this dream-girl pose!
 Nat and her bump won best dressed - clearly!
 These shoes are not only unexpected - but insanely hot!! The dress is to die for!
 What a fun/cute couple!
 Chic ensemble Scar, just give us a smile won't you?
 Amy Adams is a dusty blue bombshell!
 Weerrrrk it Annie! Weeerrrrk it!
 Madder Red!
 Safe and sultry - love!
 She's no shrinking violet, that's for sure!
 What a hunky chunk of man...
 This dress reminds me of Christina Ricci a la "Casper" - that's why I love it.
 Mandy, give me MOORE!
 A Pixie wearing Daisies.
 A retro look for Sandra - timeless.

Ahhhh... This is the wife!

Keep an eye out for the "misses" of the Globes!


Wear + Tear.