Thursday, January 20, 2011


 This peachy colour is so amazing against Claire Danes' skin.
Love it!
 Emma Stone is naturally a blonde. That flame-haired thing was just a gimmick.
Not sure if we like her au naturale, but this colour is pretty flawless!
Lovely silhouette too.
 Jakey looks confused, but sleek in his suit!
 Mad, mad women! What a sexy dress, amazing colour and chic 'do!
 No idea who this chick is, but loving the gothic/Spanish vibe!
 Julia Stiles where have you been all my life? Never seen her look so good - maybe she's available? For a 10things sequel perhaps?
 Lea Michele is an ice-cream dream in this gown.
 CZJ! Loving the forest green glitz! Age-appropriate!
 More Mila please! We're weak at the knees!
 Milla! This lady can kill zombies like no other model, but look at this dream-girl pose!
 Nat and her bump won best dressed - clearly!
 These shoes are not only unexpected - but insanely hot!! The dress is to die for!
 What a fun/cute couple!
 Chic ensemble Scar, just give us a smile won't you?
 Amy Adams is a dusty blue bombshell!
 Weerrrrk it Annie! Weeerrrrk it!
 Madder Red!
 Safe and sultry - love!
 She's no shrinking violet, that's for sure!
 What a hunky chunk of man...
 This dress reminds me of Christina Ricci a la "Casper" - that's why I love it.
 Mandy, give me MOORE!
 A Pixie wearing Daisies.
 A retro look for Sandra - timeless.

Ahhhh... This is the wife!

Keep an eye out for the "misses" of the Globes!


Wear + Tear.

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