Friday, January 21, 2011

KaKi kInG

If you havent heard of Kaki King you either A) Have recently recycled your ears for a new pair of eyes, or B) Dont dabble too much with triple J.
Either way, this artist should be topping your "TO-DO" list of things to listen to.
With critics coining such phrases as:
"One of the most gifted musical performers of our time" its hard to not want to hear a beat or two.
She has assisted in musical delights with the likes of Tegan and Sara as well as Foo Fighters - bless!

She resounds a rather tom boyish aesthetic and it totally works for her (although very short of what you would expect after listening to her album Junior)

Fave song? Falling Day and Ritual Dance - but its allllll good baby!

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