Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mini Photo-diary

 Love Zooey Deschanel's tuxedo nails - just ordered some nail art pens from eBay
Can't wait to try it!
 Why have plain hair, when you can have a ship in there!?
 My make-up look for today which I've aptly named "Hi Ken!"
Eyeshadow: Sephora 
Eyeliner: Maybelline Hyper Liner
Lips: Lime Crime Great Pink Planet are having a flash sale staring tomorrow for 48 hours only!
Includes Senso - I really love the studded boots!
I wonder how much they'll be
A sneak peak at one of the designer pieces we are using for our shoot on Sunday
These bird-print leggings are by Lonely 8-bit Heroes
Can't wait to see how Kat styles them into a look!


Wear + Tear.

Ode to a 3-day week and 4-day weekend

Who dares disturb my slumber?
It's not your hand, but your spell I'm under
Thunder sounds just like it should
I'm better left misunderstood
Your choice of words is so specific
Acidic rather than idyllic 
Better still, better paused
Better found than a lost cause

This 3-day work-week feels like a life-time
so I just kind of spilled out that poem just then
It could be song lyrics
who knows
speaking of music, my band spend 3 days/night last week recording our single "Trace"
We will do a mix review some time next week, and then the final mix
will be sent off to be mastered

all very exciting and I will post the link to Triple J Unearthed when it's up

I get a 4-day weekend this week
Tomorrow I will sleep in, maybe go in the pool or clean
then heading to BDO at night

Friday I'm having my hair done (my bleach/roots)
thinking I want more of a colder toned blonde like a purpleish tone rather than the creamy beige tone I get
either way I'll post photos
and my band-mate Grace who hasn't cut her hair in probably 2 years is finally getting a haircut
THOSE are some before and after photos you'll want to see!

Saturday will be prepping for a shoot that I'm doing on Sunday
meeting with Kat the stylist at her new apartment in the Inner West and steaming garments,
also painting some false nails to match to the clothes

pretty excited about this, being the first shoot of hopefully many monthly shoots with my friend Reef from taking the photos and me doing the make-up, hair and concept

I also have to find some time, possibly tonight, so edit the photos from the Jasper and the Divine shoot from Sunday and post them here

Enjoy these images from my morning trawl


Wear + Tear.

I either leave my brows au natural or I fill them in with brown eyebrow crayon, but tempted to try whiting them out (not permanently though)
 Gwen is always going to be a princess to me
 Chloe Sevigny is pretentious and often irritating, but she knows how to rock a new 'do
loving her with blue-black locks
 Kate Moss sure knows how to rock a crown
 fair-floss fair
 could you rock glossy taupe/grey lips?
 Hair inspiration for Sunday's shoot
 David Hasselhoff wore the Man Lita for charity

 I want some vintage barbies for decoration when I finally move out
 and a hello kitty kitchen
 and rainbow roses
 I could eat this every day
 a behind-the-scenes shot of the China Doll palette and look from Lime Crime
 just awesome.
 I've been rocking bronzey eyes this week, then I found this :)
 Far out - Illamasqua is so amazing
 I really should experiment more with my liner and a clean lid
 One day I'll invest in a proper watch and do this
 DIY for a future shoot perhaps?

 Ivania from Love Aesthetics has the ideal shade of violet blonde that I'm after

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday photo diary

This weekend was filled with activities
The main one being a photo-shoot I shot for Jasper and the Divine
I'll have to edit the photos this week and will post them when they're done
I also started a Facebook Page for my creative work
It will include make-up+hair, photography + fashion design

Hope your weekend was more relaxing than mine


Wear + Tear.

 If I had a cat, it'd be a vampire cat
 I want all three of these MAC lippies
 I really want this pastel pink mixer - a girl can dream, right?
 The lovely Jade modelled
We did two make-up looks, this was the second
peachy pink eyebrows, nude shimmery eyes, glossy nude lips
 I know it's blurry, it's me taking a photo of my camera screen
can;t wait to edit
 Really into black and white at the moment
accented with industrial/sharp jewellery
 Gareth Pugh for MAC
wow, those sharp lashes are amazing

 Amy from Jasper and the Divine and I seem to have a very similar sense of style, today especially
Amy wears asos metallic stripe jeans and unif hellraisers
I wear Dr Denim acid wash jeggings and Jeffrey Campbell Elegant Stud 
 Just some of the garments for the Jasper shoot
 Me and my trusty Nikon D300
wearing: St Lenny NO IDEER tee
 one of the rooms in the house where we shot
 Alex, the lighting and reflecting pro, hiding behind the reflector, silver side up
 Undoubtedly everyone's favourite shot of the day - can't wait to post the original!

Jouetie S/S '12 - Anarchy Chic!

This Japanese label is so awesome
I want it all!
Love the shoes, wigs and styling overall
Love the union jacket anarchy vibe
Makes me wanna be a rebel today
I think I just might be


Wear + Tear.