Friday, January 13, 2012

Mini Photo-diary

 Amazing studded orange sandals I got in the Solestruck black Friday/weekend sale.
Jeffrey Campbell is my bitch, or as Alex stated I'm Jeffrey Campbell's bitch.
Leggings: H&M
and yes, rainbow pedicure - what of it?
 Hottest 100 time is almost upon us - who are you voting for?
Here are my votes!
I tried to not vote for singles if bands had albums, because I felt some of the
album tracks were more deserving... Houdini gets me skipping on the spot like a Mexican jumping bean
every time
 So I ordered some more Manic Panic hair dye and added in some pastel purple/violet and pastel aqua
into the mix. I was very cautious with the blue and the placement...I'll wait for the pink to wash out a bit more, then go pastel cray cray
 The other night was Sydney Festival first night, but it was disappointing to be honest, so my friend Reef and I ended up at the Art Gallery of NSW. This rainbow window artwork caught my attention.
I wonder why.
 Seriously, this is how I feel today. Eep!

Yet another pair of shoes from the Solestruck sale
I've been waiting for ages to nab a pair of GeeWaWa's
I've seen countless people online wearing their signature CLAW silhouette in boot-form
and thought these sandals were super cute and the colour was something new for me - I don't THINK I own any purple shoes. I say think, because who knows - I probably do.
I think these will be good for Winter as well with cute socks.


Wear + Tear.

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