Thursday, January 19, 2012

China Doll

As you probably already know, Lime Crime is one of my favourite make-up brands and best discovery of 2011
Their loose eyeshadows and lip-sticks are amazing quality, highly pigmented and they allow me to express myself in a way that I cannot do with more subtle shades
I recently purchased their Carousel Gloss range, and it is amazing
I will post photos soon when I really test them out, but the shades are quite Wintery
Lime Crime are expanding - fast
There is talk online about their soon-to-be-released Nail Polish (link on site says coming soon)
and also discussions of them creating liquid liners (I'll faint that day)
What's next though?
China Doll pressed eyeshadow palette
Released on 15th February, this 5-colour primary-hued palette is a must-have for lovers of the bright and the bold things in life
I cannot wait to blend these blocky colours together and recreate the China Doll look as seen below on Hanna Beth Marjos
For $34.99 (USD) this palette is a steal

If you haven't discovered Lime Crime yet, here's why it's awesome:
1. Bright and unique colours
2. Vegan, cruelty free
3. Affordale (and they reward their loyal customers and fans with sales and discounts)
4. You'll stop traffic and receive endless compliments


Wear + Tear

p.s. how cute is that tin!?

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