Friday, September 23, 2011

The week (and a bit) that was

 Found some sweet eye-liner images which I plan to try out soon
 This one is actually quite wearable, I think.
 A little more extreme, but still doable :)
 Toxic Vision studded leather shorts - so amazing, and loving the exposed zip
I designed/made some trousers for my graduate collection with an exposed metal zip like this
and my tutor thought it was quite vulgar
I guess he has a sick mind
 Re-discovering the local sushi place near work
Not cheap, but boy is it good!
 I would never get a tattoo (fear of needles and every-day need to change into something new)
but this one is so clever
 The key to my heart
 Found this, on cool-hunter I think, what a romantic date idea
 Galaxy nail foils - not sure where from, but I WANTTTTTT
 Me looking super conservative for no apparent reason
 New Revlon minty pastel colour
 New favourite make-up brand
so insane! The creativity!!!
 My mum could feed an army with her Karage chicken!
 It's all about the shoes...
 Pre-summer splurge
Seafolly bikini top from DJ's, $110
Now I need to find plain orange/coral bottoms
 Who says a smoky eye has to be black?
 Louis Vuitton rain boots - I die
Kind of way grey hair now
and pink eyebrows
Just sayin'

Happy weekend everybody!


Wear + Tear.

Quote of the day: Daphne Guiness [roast]

"If I eat, I can't work. I'll eat when I'm dead."

Yeah? Great plan lady!
Just don't eat!
Pretty sure I'm at work right now, and I'm eating pizza shapes, and everything's still fine!

If you can't eat and get shit done, you've got issues bitch!

Maybe you're just referring to the perils of multi-tasking.
You need to get with the times and eat some celery sticks [or in my case, sushi], while sms-ing 4 close friends on your "lunch-break", whilst watching an episode of HawthoRNe and reading 3 trash mags.

If you can't do all that at once, what kind of woman ARE you?!

And your infamous motto?
"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

Well, you're WRONG!
You clearly haven't tasted anything from the FUN aisle of the supermarket!

And I'm sure your bony ass feels like a plastic shopping bag filled with scrap metal.

Just get back on your stilt shoes [Gaga shits on you by far in the shoe department anyway],
scrape back your manky grey rat hair,
slap on some talc-esque face powder + tranny shadow,


Wear + Tear.

JC X Solestruck: In development

Wow. How exciting!
JC sent these samples to Solestruck. Exclusive prints + fabrics in
some of the most popular new shapes

I especially like the floral wedge and the blue lace looking wedge

it's all about chunky, clunky shoes right now

Creepers are back with a vengeance

I don't have any...yet


Wear + Tear.

Glitter-up - IT'S FRIDAY!

Versus A/W 11

Oh boy! Oh boy do I love a glitter heel!


May your weekend be filled with heels, glitter + fun!


Wear + Tear.

Monday, September 19, 2011

1st alphabetically, 1st in my books: 3.1 Phillip Lim

This collection was inspired by kites, which is evident in the flow and geometry of the shapes
These sorbet hues are something different
Other designers have been quite bold with their hues and it's nice so see a slight deviation from the mean
I love the white blazer, that's got about 2% lime for that Summery bright white
And the trio of citrus yellow, acid apricot and bright lavender violet
It's toxic, yet subdued

Summer's on it's way!


Wear + Tear.

p.s. here are some detail shots
(images from - click the title to take you there)

The Sky's The Limit

Happy Monday everyone!
so... got a spare grand in your pocket?
Like towering over everyone you meet?
Have impeccable balance and poise like Lady Gaga?
Then here's the shoe for you!
Simply named "116-105" by Finsk and available
from, this shoe is the shit!
It looks like an architectural structure from every angle
I don't think comfort is even an issue when purchasing a shoe such as this
Would you wear these spine-tingling towers?
I would ;)


Wear + Tear.