Friday, September 16, 2011

HAPPY FRIDAY: weekly inspiration
 I want to make a leather skirt like this,
or maybe one with pleats... I have so much leather left over
from my graduate collection, I just need to get off
my lazy ass and do something with it!
 Loving this look overall,
especially the colour and cut of the skirt
This would be super easy to make
Maybe when I'm in HK/china I should buy fabric :)
 I want to get some denim coloured crops for Summer
These might not be the perfect shade for me, but they're super slick

 Damn you people and your tiny feet!
These types of flatform converse are all over blogs and ebay
but alas, they do not come in my size (40, 41, 9 or 10)
I love that these ones have been studded too
 How cute was Kate Moss back in her prime? So adorable!
I wonder if she'll let her daughters start modelling soon...
 Marina Diamandis is such a cool rock chick. Love her style
 Popsicle hair
 Rupert Sanderson shoes

slightly cheaper versions can be found on

Going to a friend's birthday dinner tonight
I imagine we'll end up with some photos like this one ;)


Wear + Tear.


  1. That 6th look from the top is incredible, where is it from?!

    Just discovered your blog

    Following you now :)

    if you get a chance, check out my blog (shamelessly self promoting)

  2. Hey Mez

    I try and reference all images, but I did this in a hurry and can't remember where it's from

    isn't the colour amazing!?

    Thanks for the follow