Friday, September 23, 2011

The week (and a bit) that was

 Found some sweet eye-liner images which I plan to try out soon
 This one is actually quite wearable, I think.
 A little more extreme, but still doable :)
 Toxic Vision studded leather shorts - so amazing, and loving the exposed zip
I designed/made some trousers for my graduate collection with an exposed metal zip like this
and my tutor thought it was quite vulgar
I guess he has a sick mind
 Re-discovering the local sushi place near work
Not cheap, but boy is it good!
 I would never get a tattoo (fear of needles and every-day need to change into something new)
but this one is so clever
 The key to my heart
 Found this, on cool-hunter I think, what a romantic date idea
 Galaxy nail foils - not sure where from, but I WANTTTTTT
 Me looking super conservative for no apparent reason
 New Revlon minty pastel colour
 New favourite make-up brand
so insane! The creativity!!!
 My mum could feed an army with her Karage chicken!
 It's all about the shoes...
 Pre-summer splurge
Seafolly bikini top from DJ's, $110
Now I need to find plain orange/coral bottoms
 Who says a smoky eye has to be black?
 Louis Vuitton rain boots - I die
Kind of way grey hair now
and pink eyebrows
Just sayin'

Happy weekend everybody!


Wear + Tear.

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