Friday, October 7, 2011

Isabel Marant SS12 RTW - the most wearable collection from Paris

There's nothing wrong with making a theatrical collection
It's done all the time
This season there were some fabulous collections that were extravagant, with elements
of costume, theatre and character
But ultimately, a collection has to sell
Buyers want to want it
They want their customers to desire it
and no one does this better in Paris than Isabel Marant
She's a woman's designer; that is to say, she keeps in mind all different types
of personalities, body shapes and levels of edginess when creating her denim-oriented collection
Jeans, jackets, knits and tees
sandals, shifts, skirts and shirts
studs and texture
metallic and muted all at the same time
Lemon yellow, stone, black, charcoal, dusty pink, salmon, snake + paint
These are the colours + prints that will trickle down to the rest of the industry
Coloured denim is not going ANYWHERE
it's around to stay
so embrace it!


Wear + Tear

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