Friday, October 7, 2011


 This is some fugly shit right here!
There are not many musicians who have successfully turned designer
Gwen Stefani is probably the only one who's transitioned seamlessly

This collection is horrible. Only 23 looks is pathetic!

And not, it's not a case of quality over quantity

I wouldn't WANT to see any more of this leathery, fur-covered, whore-ish crap!
 This metallic tube makes the model look like a lamp post
 Is this dress for Borat's wife?
 If I was modelling, I'd ALSO love a parachute.
So I could jump off the building and escape that shit!
 Little early for Halloween, Ye
 Oh no. Little Kanye's gotten into the first aid box again...
 mmmmm a shiny twiglet
 OK Now you're just pissing me off. Don't make ALK look ugly!
And finally, this is the type of outfit a snooty, but daggy mid-40s housewife wears to pick the kids up from school

Please Kanye, go back to where you came from

A little love,

Wear + Tear.

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