Friday, January 7, 2011

GaGa x Polaroid - GREY LABEL has arrived!

Lady GaGa and the famous photographic brand Polaroid have teamed up for a much-anticipated colaboration.
Today, via a live web-stream, the newly-crowned Creative Director of Polaroid, Lady Gaga, revealed three new products which will be released throughout the year.

 GL10 - a portable photo booth which will print photos via wifi and/or bluetooth from mobile devices (not iPhones) in a matter of seconds! This could be handy - shame we are all on the iPhone bandwagon.
 GL20 - sunglasses with cameras inside to photograph and film/video what you see!
GL30 - the next generation polaroid camera. Rumours have circulated that this device will do film + digital, as well as allowing you to upload directly to facebook and twitter.

So what do you think?

We want all 3!


Wear + Tear.

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