Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blake Un-Lively - Christmas edition

The other half of Wear + Tear hoed into Leighton Meester ( I like, she hates) and so here I go - gonna shut down her bitch Blake Un-Lively!

This awkward-mouthed broad is so annoying, mainly because of said mouth, but apart from the fact that she is a terrible actress*, she says the stupidest things!!

"I don't think I've ever been to a club... [apart from] if the Gossip Girl producers are throwing an after party specifically for us to go to, or the red carpet," she admitted in an interview for Australian Cosmopolitan.

What a lame-o! LIAR! Anyway.

She also dresses like a tramp!

Oi Blakeeee! Where'd you get your jacket? Did you rip out the interior of an abandoned falcon circa '84??

Oi Blakeeeeee!!! Why are you wearing long underwear as pants??

Oi Blake!!!!!!!  It's Christmas in this photo, so I hope Santa gave you a MIRROR to look at yourself in before leaving the house!

Oi.....BLAKE! That's a prop phone from Gossip Girl. You have no friends to talk to.


Wear + Tear.

* My opinion, therefore relevant to MY argument :)

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