Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wear + Tear Pour Homme - Foo Fighters Secret Gig.

Foo Fighters played an amazing intimate gig at Sydney Uni's Manning Bar last Friday night after we had to line up for wristbands earlier that day. They played for almost 3 hours; playing their entire new album "Wasted Light" before diving into a best of set including "Everlong", "Stacked Actors", "Breakout", "All My Life" and plenty more. We sure did get our $53 worth! Here's my video of them are performing "White Limo" and "Arlandria" from the forthcoming album "Wasted Light". The band rocked-out so hard that they literally melted down one of the in-house PA systems! It was on 11 for too long...

Lining-up for Foo Fighters wristbands.

Pour Homme


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