Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tokyo Day 2, 3 and 4

 Tokyo Day 2, 3 and 4


All photos taken using Samsung Galaxy by Alex Coutts and Lucy Helena

 Downtown Shinjuku Day 1 night time...

Day 2 Harajuku

 awesome mirrored entrance to a mall in Harajuku

 OOTD wearing dress by River Island and leopard print Vans

 Mini dog sauce
 It was too hot to try these - we had to get out of the sun, but perhaps we'll go back before Vogue Fashion's Night Out

 Tamagotchi store

 Found the world's only Jeffrey Campbell shoe store, but the prices were quite high and the largest size was about a 39. Still cool to see!
 TOPSHOP shoe dept.
 Harajuku station is so cute

 Shinjuku by night

 I found esNAILS in Shinjuku - so excited!! Base colour done!
 such comfy chairs!
 The girl who did my nails recommended this ramen place. It was actually amazing.

 Violin shop

Day 3 -  Tokyo Disney!!

 The rest of the Disney photos are on Facebook 

Day 4 - Disney Sea
This place was at least twice the size of Disneyland and so much more interesting. The amount of detail in the rides, sets and general areas was amazing. Nothing was left plain or forgotten. Little did we know there was a tornado nearby...

 This was one of the scariest rides I have ever been on. It's called The Tower of Terror and basically it's a haunted mansion/hotel and there's a whole back story about some freaky tribal statue and you get strapped into seats in a lift. You go up a few floors in complete darkness, then the doors open and there's freaky projections. Then you go up again and the doors open (where those arches are) and you see the whole theme park, then it drops several floors in the dark. Then you go up in the dark again, another window/door opens to show outside, then you plummet again. The photo taken on the ride was so appalling - I looked like I thought I was going to die!
 We had a delicious lunch on that ship

 This is where we had lunch

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