Monday, December 5, 2011

Get happy

It's supposed to be Summer, and everyone keeps ranting and 
raving about how crap the weather is today
Yes, it's all over the place
Yes, I packed away my jumpers and now need to unpack them
But hey - at least it's almost the end of the year
So cheer up, get happy
and enjoy these sites and images


Wear + Tear.

1. Custom Litas
a tumblr with cute photoshopped images of the iconic Lita shoe by Jeffrey Campbell
you never know, they may make some of these

2. Texts from Bennet
If you haven't seen this already, be prepared
it's hilarious, real and I think it's going to be a daily haunt of mine

3. Fuck yeah nail art
a tumblr dedicated to bringing you daily photos of sweet-arse nail art from all over the interwebs

4. Stockholm Street Style
At first these images may depress you
They'll certainly inspire you to up your game
and bloody hell those Swedes are babes

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