Monday, December 5, 2011

Tuck away your flaps [ a poem ]

A very long time ago, when I was in primary school, 
there was a rule to override all rules
A rule that was broken more often than not
A rule enforced when the weather was hot
A rule to make kids feel so very uncool
A rule made by governments, and teachers and fools
For we all knew that lunch time was the best part of the day
We all watched the hands of the clock tick away
We yearned for the teacher to alert us and say
We'd all grab our lunchboxes and sit in the shade
Scoff down our sandwiches and get ready to play
But the teachers did scorn us and in unison say
Now hats aren't for everyone, but when you're a kid you obey
You don't mind wearing a hat if it means you can play
But when the hat has a flap you feel stupid and lame
You'd tuck away your flaps, trying to get away
Without being seen by the teacher on duty
That matronly bitch with no style, grace or beauty
But she'd catch you out quickly and expose your hat flap
and if you resisted, she'd send you right back
to the bench near the tree in the darkest of shade
and she'd scream it again for you

So why now when I'm 24 and free
and I could wear any hat that I please
would I choose to wear a hat with a flap?
Henry Holland must be on crack!


Wear + Tear.

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