Monday, April 30, 2012


So this week is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and the CBD is alive with fashion designers, models, bloggers, writers and buyers from around the world.

This year, there are some impressive international guests including Elin Kling of Style Kling, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast and her buddy Bryan Boy. Susie Bubble of Style Bubble was also spotted today in one of her cute colourful outfits.

As much as I'm sure people love seeing photos of semi-famous people, I just honestly couldn't bring myself to go up to these honestly normal people and take a selfie. I was on best behaviour when they were all of 2 meters away from me and I'm proud of that.

In between going to work, this week will be spent helping Lisa Kelly at her suite at The Shangri La Hotel with the showing of her Summer collection.

This morning we had a bit of spare time in between appointments and walked down to the venues, did a bit of schmoozing, scored some awesome Redken Haircare products, and generally people watched.

We had our photo taken by some bloggers and look forward to seeing the shots.

Today I wore one of Lisa's kaftans but I plan to make a sincere effort with my outfits this week. Tomorrow I plan to whip out my neon green Cambridge satchel.

Below are a few snaps from today. I'll definitely try and take more tomorrow.

Better go and plan tomorrow's outfit!


Wear + Tear.

PS loving the lavender coloured jelly wristbands for fashion week!

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