Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm back, bitchez!

I'm back!
I know I went AWOL for over a month, but it's been a big one
Here's just some of what's happened:
1) I bought the shoes from my last post
2) I finished up at my old job
3) I did a trial at a new job and got it
4) I went to Melbourne for LMFF with my mum for 4 days
5) I started my new job
6) my band Cordelia Dead's single was finally mastered and uploaded to Triple J Unearthed
7) I've had some girls nights
8) I've had some meetings with my photographer friend and some stylists about some upcoming shoots
9) I've cleaned out my wardrobe at home and am trying to get rid of it all without eBay
10) I've ordered shoe shelves to store 60 pairs of shoes but they haven't arrived yet
11) I've bought more make-up (shock horror)
12) I brought a sewing machine into Alex'a tiny apartment and made a skirt

Here are some things coming up
1) my birthday on the 9th June
2) I was asked to be Maid of Honor at my friend Marion's wedding next March
3) two photoshoots in the next month or so and some make-up for a third
4) I will undoubtedly buy more shoes
5) several concerts and movies to see
6) more regular blog posts


Wear + Tear.

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