Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poetry and shoes

I don't know what I want to do,
but I know it's not this
not this me
not this you
I'm not quite sure about anything now
and I like it that way
I'm unstable, yet proud
Everyone tells you to do the right thing
but in moments of sadness all I want to do is sing
My life is unwritten
until I step down
The future's not hidden,
it's wearing with a crown

OK now that's all out in the open, I can get back to discussing the most important thing in the world


It's been a hectic month, I resigned from my job and am looking forward to new opportunities and challenges in 2012. And more shoes! So for now, I shall continue to blog, hopefully more regularly, and hopefully a lot more inspired and original content will be coming your way!

I need these. That is all.


Wear + Tear.


  1. Absolutely fantastic!!!! You're pretty fantastic and you've got great blog here! Have a great day and a brilliant week ahead!


  2. Love these shoes!

    Scarr xx

    1. Now I just need to psych myself up to wear them, but it's been raining so much it's risky business in anything but flats!

  3. wow, those are something else.

  4. I just styled these shoes in a photoshoot for Innerstyle.com.au - photos will be up in a few weeks!