Thursday, February 9, 2012



I'm damn excited

Gaga is kicking off her 110-show Born This Way Ball with shows in Australia
including two shows in Sydney on June 20th + 21st

I'll be going to both, but for the first I'll need a killer costume [to make from scratch]

I'm 90% sure this is what I'll be doing

1. denim bra with studs + jewels - probably made from vintage jeans and re-constructed
2. wig pre-styled into chignon with curled front (need hairdresser's help)
3. high-waisted denim shorts ripped to shreds (or just tights or jeans)
4. 2 x pairs of black stockings ripped to shreds
5. shoes - I'll have to watch the video to find better details of these
6. leather gloves with cut-outs
7. sunglasses with diamante anime eyes
8. sharpened claw nails (black)
9. denim jacket covered in studs and bling

This isn't light work, that's for sure, but I'm certain I can pull it off

Better start exercising if I'm going to be showing that much skin!


Wear + Tear.

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