Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Inspiration

 I love that lavender blonde, and I really wanna try this whole dot of eyeliner/gem/star below the eye thing
 Just awesome, the hair, the pose - love it
 sometimes the strongest images/shoots just have a black background
 I think that a great fashion image is where the location and the garment work together seamlessly
 So into floral at the moment. I have a Zara floral blazer and I kind of want floral pants.
I saw them in HK, but I hesitated. Fashion Rule #1 - go with your gut!
 Love this lime green, the running model, the wind - amaze
 Who ever said your top and bottom lips have to match?
 ombre lips, metallic lips - it's all good! Pretty sure this is done with loose eyeshadow dust on top of the gold lippy
 What a perfect pair - models + cats = cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 I've had some ideas lately about doing a shoot at a farm, possibly with a group of models
I like the juxtaposition of the edgy/harsh/black fashion and the natural setting of the farm
 if you want to try a pastel shade but are scared to go the whole hog, why not get your hairdresser to lighten your ends and tone with a pastel shade? It'll only last a few washes, if that and is a fun way to change your look subtly 

 I think I could definitely see myself in a wedding dress that was anything but white
a pastel gown
so lovely
 I think rainbow ice-cream is horrible
it's usually bubblegum flavour,
but gosh it looks good
 it's all about the hair, isn't it?
 Oh Claudia
 We've seen cats ears, we've seen floral headbands - now floral cats ears! 
Hello DIY!
The High Priestess of the Fashion Vamps - Rachel Zoe


Wear + Tear.

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