Friday, November 19, 2010

Mr Blog-Bastique

As avid blog-a-holic bingers we've seen them all, the random, quirky, delightful tastes of other peoples world that Socratic people world wide decide to share with the world wide web.
Now and then we will post some of the more random and discrepant of the inter-mixture.

Here's number one in the conquest to uncover those folk that embody all things weird and strange....


- As the name suggests, this guy feeds his viewers with images of him - surprise surprise - running from the camera. He has  2 seconds after setting his timer to run from the camera in various locations and get in line for the photo. clearly only an Ethiopian Olympic sprinter could make this sort of time which makes for a friendly array of back shots that seem to entertain the masses. What ever suits!

running from camera (2 seconds)

running from camera (2 seconds)
running from camera (2 seconds)

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