Monday, November 15, 2010

Red Carpet Bonanza

There have been a fair few red carpet events in the past couple of weeks. Here are our thoughts on some significant looks.

Eva Mendez in Prada. This lady is killin' it in this bold, graphic strapless day dress. The chunky black Mary-janes kinda work well to complement the green, black and yellow printed panels that hug her hourglass curves like a clingy toddler. The fact that Eva can pull off a dress with monkeys and bananas on it, makes us love her even more!

Next, we have Eva Longoria-Parker. The colour is good for her dark olive complexion and the scattered jewels are rockin', but the silhouette is so baggy and saggy - it does nothing for her figure! We just want to hack off those sleeves and leave her with a nice fitted pencil dress with a sexy boobie-slit.

Here is our fave indie-flick-chick, Natalie Portman. The dress is super daytime cute and the colour suits her, but we wish she left the gold pointy shoes in the box marked "2002". Something needs to be done about Nat's hair as well, which is quite primary-school and not as Hollywood-hottie as it should be.

Another win for Juliette Lewis. This girl is on fire lately. We've heard that she wants to start receiving invites to fashion events and wants to sit front-row. Well if she keeps whipping out sexy looks like this, she might just find herself plonked next to Posh and Sienna. This dull colour becomes smoking on Julz's bangin' bod. We do wish she'd add some volume to her hair. But still a win.

Next we have good ole five-finger-discount-Winona Ryder. Who the hell knows how she got an invite to this do, but we don't care. We're just glad she's back on the scene. The long rocker black dress is sick, we just hope she paid for it!

Here's Milla Kunis looking rather suave unlike usual. She always looks cute, but she's made a real effort to look glam this time. Black dress is safe. Hair is safe. Shoes are safe, but it's still a win. Would have loved to see some bling dripping from her neck. Or some colour. Somewhere!

And now we will end on a high note. The lovely, the always immaculate - Miss Dita Von Teese. This blood red metallic dress fits her well and the colour sets off her porcelain skin. Her hair is perfect. Her lips perfectly match the dress. And the shoes are chic-as! Love it!


Wear + Tear.

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