Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kashing up.

Kim: (thinks to self) "I hope no-one notices I'm actually the Madame Tussuad's version of Kim...... I can't move my face, or speak......and Khloe has to drag me along because I can't walk. Good idea to get Kustom wheels installed in my Louboutins. What I'm confused about is why they gave me a brain?"

Khloe: (thinks to self) "Man I need to pee. Like really badly. I almost lost it just then. Hold it together Khlo. Keep your legs crossed......focus on that tree......"

Kourtney: (thinks to self) "Pretty lights! So preeeetttyyyyyyyy"

Note: The Kardashians' thinking to themselves is probably for the best. When they speak, every second word is "like" or "totally". These are 100% their actual thoughts. Believe us, ok?


Wear + Tear.

p.s. Why the flip are they all wearing sheer-mesh-topped outfits? Was there a sale at Mesh-R-Us? Are they all trying to hide some sort of fake tan related rash?


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