Thursday, November 11, 2010

When the mood strikes

In all its randomness I disperse this request to the universe, has anyone got the movie Beetle Juice?
Don't ask what brought this on, its one of those things that just pops up. Not dislike the effect of female hormones and how they conjure erratic behaviour. I have no explanation for this. I just have to watch it! I cant even be sure if I have seen the movie in full before. I'm pretty sure there was a time we had it taped on a VHS cassette tape recorded from channel 9 with adverts and all (my parents had no patience nor the time for blocking out ads like the other kids parents did).
Perhaps we should blame Winona Ryder. In all her 5 finger discount glory I still love her and always will!!

Winona Ryder Career Highs and Lows

You gotta love what the kid did for Gothic grunge! She was practically a pioneer!!


Wear  +  Tear

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