Monday, November 8, 2010

Nom Nom or Vom Vom?

American burger joint White Castle, who some of you may have sampled on your travels, or may know from the film "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle", have come up with a novel idea. And by novel, we mean plain ridiculous. The film that focuses heavily on this fat-farm-food-place follows the tale of two guys who really just want a burger. Badly. We personally have never sampled this lardy delicacy, but who knew that you no longer needed to travel to America to know what it's like to have just eaten at White Castle. Introducing - the White Castle Scented Candle. Yes. A burger-scented candle. I mean. Really. Really?

Available on their website for purchase, this candle will give you the thrill of a fast-food binge-fest, without the regret of your calorific intake and subsequent stomache ache.

It's actually not a bad idea.

If you're a total bogan.

Would YOU buy one of these bebehs?


Wear + Tear.

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