Monday, November 15, 2010

leather 'n' lace

Totally inspired by the artful doings of the leather and lace trend bombarding "models off duty" pages I've since become aquainted with having a total and utter need for the following.... a lace skirt!One with no slip underneath for complete transparency! gasp - bit risque and raunchy, true. Alas I want to give this puppy a crack. Can it be pulled off with legs less like ladders to the heavens and more  like 2 litre cartons of milk.. stay tuned and i'll keep you posted. And if anyone (read: ANYONE) Knows where I can acquire one of these your reports would be most appreciated.

 I did find this number in a store on Gould Street Bondi Beach. It was love at first sight! Please excuse the fact this image is sideways, rotating is a skill im still mastering.


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