Monday, December 20, 2010

Dream Job Up For Grabs

Do you think Paris Vogue will be entertained with the idea of a 24 year old swanning into their office with a resume the size of a business card? Yea me neither. I dont think its a gig i'll be going for any time soon.

I think you could broach them with enough credentials to publish a BIO and still not get the opportunity to dictate one of the worlds most glamorous reads.
That noted, I am bearing a somewhat heavy heart at the news that  Carine Roitfeld had stepped down as editor in chief. Unlike Anna Wintour (but maybe a little less than Anna Della Russo) she had a very "I dont care you think I should be dressing older" tude. And at 56 I sincerely hope she doesnt dare stray away from those killer heels that make her look more like a rock star and less like a geriatric. Here's some moments she rocked our worlds.

With Anna Wintour US Vogue editor in chief

In Balmain

With Karl Lagerfeld and potential predecessor Emanuelle Alt

rocking Khaki and making it her own.

Please feel free to review as many times as required and greive as necessary......
We heart you Carine.


Wear + Tear

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