Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Ew Ew EWWW! Like a mutton-dressed-as-lamb and her slutty daughter, these two should never have left the house that night! From their matchy-matchy boring pumps, to Cher's leggings as pants - there are too many things wrong with this photo!

X-tin is trying to be Heidi the innocent mountain girl - meets air-hostess anti-deep-vein-thrombosis-stockings.

Her dress looks like a size-too-small trash-bag with a fly-screen peek-a-boo to reveal her ill-fitting bra.

Cher's top is O-K.......but the faux-fur-lined jacket is SO tacky. And our eyes just go straight to the crotch.

What do you think?


Wear + Tear.

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