Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top list

I like writing lists OK? Lists of absolutely any variety - I dont descriminate. To-do lists, shopping lists, reasons not to go to work lists. You name it. However, I have not yet poured together the cocktail mix of a THINGS LIST. You know? A list that is a list for the sake of being a list?

so here it is - a things list for your enjoyment.

BEST 80's SONG -Listen to the Man, By the Time Bandits
BEST BEER - Hahn Super Dry - DAH!
BEST TIME OF DAY - Breakfast (this is debatable by a number of parties but to me it means you can scoff whatever food you wish and have the whole day to repent yourself. Genius!)
BEST MOVIE - Ohhhh this is a toughie, but Candy with Heath Ledger is a goodun. Maybe not a fave though so it will suffice for now
BEST PAST TIME - Writing lists!!

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