Friday, December 10, 2010

'tis the season to be selfish

I am one of the lucky ones. I don't celebrate christmas. I won't say no if someone wants to give me a present - that's their call to make - but i won't be guilt-tripped into giving one back. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts. I love choosing out presents for my nearest and dearest when the moment arises, whether it be a Birthday, house-warming or just because I saw something I think they might like. I love getting my friends and family presents that maybe they wouldn't normally indulge in, like OPI nail-polish or some jewellery. For people on a tight budget, gifts like these make people smile. I love doing this, and of course can't complain when others do the same for me. But I won't, under any circumstances, give gifts for the sake of a fictional fat-man with pedophile tendencies.

So, while everyone around me is planning how to spend their hard-earned cash, all in one large chunk, stretching their credit card(s) to the max and just generally stressing the hell out, I'm sitting here, occasionally doing my job (hey - it's a half day today for a work lunch), and unlike everyone else - being a little selfish!

I work hard, I earn enough to get me by, I give my friends presents year-round, so now is my time to shine (I'm wearing a sequined jacket, which helps).

I'm planning what to buy myself (online) this season, but feel free to put it into a different context and use it as a gift-guide for others:

1) Could I get another pair of custom-fit jeans from
They ask you all sorts of logical questions that we really should be asking ourselves when stuck in the change-room of General Pants, wondering why those skinny jeans won't cover our bum crack. They let you choose the weight and content of the fabric, the colour, the pocket shape, top-stitch, back pocket embroidery, rise/waist-height and leg-shape. Even tiny details like the width of the hem stitch. They cost less than your average pair of ksubi's and ship for FREE! Prices range from $140-$170 USD. They also have gift-cards that are sent with cute tape-measures to help your gift-recipient achieve the perfect fit. I've got my eye on the trouser-fit, low-rise, flare in dark rinse. Just imagine those with my Jeffrey Campbell clogs!

2) Continuing with the jeans theme, I stumbled across this website and was initially speechless.
That's right. Pants, that feel like track-pants (but for some reason reference pajamas), with the colour and styling of jeans. What the flip!? I am actually so tempted to get a pair right now, just for lols. Maybe you have a friend who just won't stop wearing those trackies with the snaps down the sides (for easy access?) every time you go for coffee. Maybe this is one step up from that, for them? Or maybe you just wanna sleep in STYLE! Whatever your reason, these pants are hilar! And totes inappropriate for the upcoming Summer heat-waves.

3) Anything and everything from The Outnet
This website is insane! For us down in the Southern Hemisphere, these clothes are current or next season, but already on sale! Obviously there are some brands that are so expensive (Balmain, for example) that even with 80% off are still not within reach, but most of the items on this site are +/- $150. There are super cheap accessories, slightly more expensive shoes, and cute casual stuff from designers such as Alexander Wang, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Alice + Olivia. If you've got the cash and the need for designer wares, this is the site for you. I'm so tempted by a lot of items on the site right now, losing self control, about to click..... eeep!!!

4) Karma Loop
Mens + Womens clothing, shoes, accessories, gadgets, toys - they've got it! Reasonable Aussie postage rates and daily bargains and pre-sales on your fave US and international labels. If you want quantity over quality, but don't want to look like you shopped at Supre, this is the site for you. I'm actually in love with their selection of official Hello Kitty merch, including PJ's (not pajama jeans) and other trinkets. They also stock Jeffrey Campbell, but quite a different selection to site is particularly great for menswear and sneaker-freaks.

5) Solestruck
I literally cannot speak highly enough about this website.They have everything a girl could want, mainly Jeffrey Campbell and Senso, but also some other super-cute brands. And when they go on sale, BOY do they go on sale! We all love a good sale, so if you're not in a hurry to buy for yourself or others, I suggest waiting until Boxing day for it to all kick-off. Your eyes will be glued to the screen just drooling at the bargains to be had.

6) Nasty Gal
We've spoken vigorously about this site before - it's the shit! New stuff, vintage stuff, sale stuff - it's all good! More of a younger street/festival vibe, with plenty of new brands to discover. I also have noticed some Aussie brands on there, but I wouldn't bother with those - just focus on finding cute and original threads for your next Summer festival. I've got Field day and Laneway to attend, so I'm thinking some sort of jersey dress or over-sized mesh tee is in order.And yet another stockist of the ever-popular JC!

So there you have it. Six ways to spend money on yourself, or others.


Wear + Tear.

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