Monday, December 20, 2010

That's entertainment!

I have the privilege of having great friends, nay, great friends with Foxtel IQ! Great friends with Foxtel IQ, that tape shows of interest that happen to be on par with my interests. And as such, was able to witness the coquettish gazelles of the Victorias Secret tribe sashay down the runway.
What bliss (what self hate!).
For anyone who has seen it, you'll know it was quite a spectacle! Which begs the question, why aren't ALL fashion shows this entertaining? T'would be a much easier feat to drag one's boyfriend/husband to one of these showings if they knew there would be throws of fireworks and the like.

Some artists have gone to the trouble though, and as such will not be easily forgotten.

Alannah Hill would always put on a good show. This one she rocked some of the Rolling Stones and David Bowie and removed the typical model strut from her show and instead replaced it with a bunch of dancers hip and shoulder shaking their way down the runway.

10 best fashion shows
Karl Lagerfeld isn't exactly renound for his shows subtlety. This show was no exception. Not dissimilar to the 8 tonne Lion he had at his last show, here he has had imported from Sweden an REAL iceberg. He was only granted the license to import on the basis he returned it in its same condition.

Patrick Mohr at berlins Fashion week didnt so much go all out with the effects and audio as much as he did create quite the stir, if not visual entertainment of another variety.


Mao Geping Avant-Garde S/S 2010 - Could have gone nuts on this one, there are themes, tribal dancers etc. Go check this guy out. Mao definitely brings life to Beijing Fashion Weeks.

The Kate Moss hologram (left) and Cadbury ad.
McQueen - its a struggle to select but one show of his as they are all caked in his remarkable talent for expanding the restrictions of a formal show. But the show where he had  a holographic Kate Moss is pretty spectacular. Thats even to see it in mini form like this. IMAGINE BEING THERE!! ***sigh.......


Wear + Tear

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