Friday, December 3, 2010

Wear + Tear Pour Homme

Being made of plastic and smelling like bubble gum might not be the first thing that comes to mind when selecting a fashionable pair of shoes for those nights out on the town but Melissa shoes are exactly that and years after providing women with a comfortable alternative to blister inducing heels and flats, the Brazil based shoe company has just released its first ever mens shoes!

For a long time I have watched my girlfriend unpack box after box of the multi-coloured plastic (and bubble gum smelling) delights from Brazil and have long thought why they don't make shoes just for us guys? So it was to my great pleasure when my girlfriend informed me that many years after my first query, Melissa were finally going to be stocking the two styles of mens shoes from late November this year

The two style options on offer for the boys are an "MZero Lace Up" a basic formal mens shoe with a slight wingtip or the more casual "MZero Slide" which is a loafer featuring an elastic tongue. As my birthday is coming up and I'm a stickler for a more formal shoe and am not a fan of loafers (with elasticated tongues or otherwise), my girlfriend surprised me by ordering the M:ZERO Lace Up in Blue Matt as soon as they were available to the public and seconds later they were all snapped up!

With designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and CSS front-woman Lovefoxxx all lending a hand in designing their very own Melissa shoes in the past, I expected somewhat of a great standard from the shoes I was about to receive. They arrived only yesterday and straight out of the box look beautiful! The one-piece plastic delights were a marvel to behold but then came the moment of dread; actually trying them on. I slipped my unusually wide feet into the soft soles and tied them up, at first I cursed as I thought they were too small but I soon realised that I had never owned a pair of plastic shoes as an adult and proceeded to walk around in them and to my surprise they wore in very swiftly and are extremely comfortable! Whilst striding up and down my carpeted apartment floor I noticed the awesome detail on the front of the shoe to give it a leather brogue look, which would fool anyone into thinking them expensive Italian brogues, as well as this I noticed the functional air holes in the side which give your feet the airflow they need to breathe.

These shoes at $145 are a great addition to any man's formal shoe collection and will sit perfectly but also stand out next to your other more formal shoes. Having said this they are also a hipster's paradise and I can see many a disheveled young man walking the streets around Surry Hills and Darlinghurst in these bad boys. These are a shoe best kept for those nights where you know you might be doing a lot of walking from bar to bar or dancing if that's your thing because the comfortable sole and soft plastic outer will keep you upright all night without having to worry about ruining your feet.

The M:ZERO Lace Up comes in Black Matt, Blue Matt, Grey Matt & Floc and Purple Matt and sizes range from EU 42-46.

The M:ZERO Slide comes in Black Matt & Floc, Grey Matt and Beige Floc and sizer range from EU 41-46 and are AUD$140.


Wear + Tear Homme.

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