Saturday, October 16, 2010

All I want for Christmas.....

.....Is a Justin Beiber doll! That's right ladies! (and gents. We don't discriminate at Wear + Tear)
Hold onto your tilburys because the tweeny heart throb now comes in doll form. And not a moment too soon, I have so many birthdays coming up and since the Spencer Pratt doll has been shafted due to severe unpopularity I was running out of gift ideas..... until now!

God bless MATEL and their general lack of ideas. So much so that their "imaginary" figurines are now based on real people. Kids don't play with toys because they want to deal with real life. Although I'm sure getting them a "toy" phone, that comes complete with monthly "toy" bills would be a most ideal gift. BUY NOW!! And you'll receive FREE  "toy" debt collector to bust in your pride and joys knee caps if those monthly bills aren't met.


Buy now and we'll not only send our "toy" debt collector over, we'll also haul your child's arse in jail for looking up kiddy porn and hustling bitches at pre-school!
What is the world coming to......? I blame you Justin!

Justin Bieber Doll


Wear + Tear

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