Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stone the crows

Emma stone on the cover of NYLON. We love this girl, and at a glance this cover rocks, but upon closer inspection, we must digress. Her facial expression, whilst gutsy and perfectly portraying the character of her latest flick "Easy A", is not at all pretty. And she's a pretty girl, so it's a shame. If there's supposed to be a sub-text, suggesting that Em is "knocking out the competition" movie-role-wise, then great, but if this 'tude is just about "Easy A", then that's lame.

The gloves confuse us. Mainly because they resemble dead rabbits. The jumper/top has some sort of cartoon animal on it, or a blob. Either way, it's fugly on it's own, let alone with the skirt. Which would come in handy if she was a) planning a trip to Scotland and hoping to blend in, or b) wanting the option of an impromptu picnic anywhere, any time.

We hope she lands another cover that will do her justice, unlike NYLON.

Although, then she will likely be attacked by the airbrush, rendering her unrecognisable. Maybe it's for the best.


Wear + Tear.

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