Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chloe Severely

"Hey everybody! I'm Chloe Sev....Severely(ne). Seeing as though I do SUCH a good job playing a member of a cult-like religion in Big Love, I thought I'd tell you my plans for my future career. I'm becoming a Nun. Not in a method-acting-oh-no-this-crack-pipe-is-for-an-upcoming-role kind of way. Like proper how-do-you-solve-a-problem-like-Maria kind of way. So no more skimpy outfits for ME. No Siree Bob. It's just dust-coats and fugly shoes from here on in. Wouldn't want someone to find me ATTRACTIVE or anything! I hope to win a daytime TV Emmy for just BEING so risque.OK. Better go in, I've told you waaaay too much already!"

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