Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wear + Tear Begins

And so it begins...

If you love fashion, art, music, social events, mass-hysteria over new trends, emerging talent/ideas and of course, celebrities - this is the place for you.

Everyone wears clothes. Some good, some bad. Actually, quite a lot of bad. And we intend to point that out. But this isn't JUST a place for slagging off and shutting down. We also plan to rock your world with new ideas and most importantly, make you laugh.
If we can't make you laugh, maybe you should see somebody about that.

Anyway. We will introduce ourselves later, but for now - bookmark us, subscribe, RSS-feed us (haven't quite worked out what that is, but the models are getting hungry) and refresh, refresh, refresh!

We will try and post daily, to give you content galore, and we definitely encourage comments and feedback, because we're new at this and are always up for input.

Bye for now,

Wear + Tear
p.s. be careful what you wear

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