Wednesday, October 6, 2010


If you're embarrassed by your gappy tombstone teeth, not to worry - they're so HOT right now!

What was once seen as a negative when planning to become a model, or a reason not to smile too much at your interview at Hooters, is now actually a positive.

On a young, fresh-faced girl, tombstone teeth or TEEF as we like to call them (because more often than not, you'll have a speech impediment from this much ivory) are cutesy and daring. We will just warn that TEEF probably won't look so crash-hot when you get older. If you've had orthodontic work on your chompers and are now regretting your pearly-white plastics, we can only suggest you remain indoors, refrain from smiling, and ride it out 'till this trend is done and dusted. It can't last THAT long, can it?

Ruth Crilly –
Lara Stone – French vogue 07
Olden is golden –
Lips –
Anna paquin –
Georgie may jagger – photo bucket
Gap tooth hillbillie – google images
Jess hart - google images

But it's not the only Hillbilly trait that's appearing more in the fashion world. We here at Wear + Tear will let you in on a little secret. Or a few. So you can be ahead of the trend and make your friends totes jeal of your stylin' ways:

1) ciggie burns in clothing. This has happened to almost everyone. Either you did it yourself by mistake, or some bitch swiped past you and left a singed hole in your American Apparel oversized unisex T. Guess what? It's cool now. Show off to your friends about how grunge you are and ciggie burn the shit out of your latest shopping splurge from Sportsgirl. *

2) Rats tails. Hells yeah they're cool! We suggest if you have long hair, to cut a bob and leave a rats tail at the nape of your neck for your friends to admire and secretly dream of plaiting. Or if your hair is already short, just buy a clip in hair extension that matches your natural colour and you're all set! Looks sexy on a girl and edgy on a guy**

3) Dirt under under your nails. OK. So you know how some women love their men to have tradie/worker hands? (if you didn't know this, you do now - it's a fact n shit). Apparently some ladies think rough hands belong to a REAL man. And this undoubtedly correlates to strength and other blokey qualities. Well it's actually now become desirable for women to have unkempt nails to signify their easy-going and carefree attitude to life, and some guys just love this. So say hell-no to your weekly mani/pedi and oh hi to the guy next to you on the night bus who can't take his eyes off your digits. And the money you save on OPI you can spend on ***

Yeah. So now you can be Hillbilly chic and dress like the latest it-girl by following our simple hints and tips.

But wait, there's more! No it-girl could be complete without her very own it-bag. Well hillbilly-chic is super easy to achieve when it comes to accessories. For a purse, just keep your Dora-the-explorer Happy Meal box from last Saturday night(morning) and you can carry your phone, wallet, keys and smokes in style.

The end.


We do LOVE to post about the serious (huh?) side of Fashion, but you have to let us have a bit of fun here ok? Some trends and fads are just too worthy of a joke and we honestly can't help ourselves.

So isn't it about time you went to the dentist?


Wear + Tear.

* Wear + Tear do not actually condone burning your clothes or people you dislike with cigarettes. We take no responsibility for injuries caused from reading or re-enacting any posts on this blog.

** rats tails are not cool and never will be, as far as we are concerned. If you choose to grow or attach one and it takes off as a trend, let us know. We won't hold our breath.

*** RRP OF OPI NAIL POLISH IS APPROX $20. We suggest you spend the money on ciggies to burn your clothes a la step 1, or a new sim-card to avoid all the phone calls from the creepy dudes who undoubtedly now stalk you. Filthy nails will do that, you know.

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  1. Love the part about filthy nails. So funny and true x