Saturday, October 30, 2010

Top 5 Halloween ideas to make you freak-ay!

1. The queen of all things spangled and strange Lady Gaga (cliched I know, but AS IF we could do this without a mention. This is why we decided to get it out of the way first. Love you GAGA!)
We suggest the meat ensemble she sported for the cover of Vogue Japan. Lady Gaga is set to be a festive favourite this year so you'll need to stand out and if the lack of covering wont ensure that, the smell certainly will!
 lady gaga meat dress VMA Lady Gaga Halloween Costumes 2010: Best of all Halloween Costumes!

2. Charity collector. No doubt a little frowned upon but hey! Girls gotta eat. Stand yourself at the entrance of the party of choosing and shake your little bucket and hope for the best. Worst out come - your dero ass will get booted and your face slaundered on the front pages of LOSER WEEKLY. Best outcome, you arrive home $200 richer and possibly with a few clothes donations too.

Tin man: Salvation Army collectors have been told not to rattle their tins as it could be construed as religious harassment

3. (Insert appropriate title here)
I dont even know what to make of this one but it scares the shit out of us here at Wear + Tear!!! Mission accomplished!

4. Julia Gillard. Speaks for itself really. Scary! no?

5.  This one heeds warning. Be prepared to have teenage girls camping in your front yard, women giving up their first borns and underwear lining your porch - sounds good to you? Then you should select No. 5 ROBERT PATTINSON as your costume of choice.
Twihards and teeny desperate housewives alike have had very odd behaviour reported when it comes to Patto's fan base whom, upon staring in Harry Potter, barely received any acclaim at all.
You only need a few key things to pull this off. a Bad accent, thinning hair (so much so that it requires you to scruff it up as high and mighty as possible to disguise aforementioned thinning) and vampire tendancies. If you can manage that then you'll be Halloween royalty.
patt1 Twilight, Robert Pattinson, and the Enduring Appeal of Broody, Pale White Dudes


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