Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Girlfriend wear?

And so we are all by now well aquanted with the term boyfriend wear. Mostly used for ladies who need to make an excuse for those aged holes in the jeans and ill fitting wiatsline "Oh these are my boyfriends! Its supposed to fit like this!"

So will someone tell me what excuse these dudes coined up for the ever so feminine streamlined cuts they decided to step out of the house in? "Oh this old thing? It is my mothers. It still has her smell...mmm... chanel No. 5! Dont you JUST-LURVE IT! Teehehe"



 This outfit is alive with the sound of femininity! Given you wont be seeing this ensemble down at your local nunnery teamed with a Vivienne Westwood Habit (although I would like to see that happen)  it certainly didn't stop this fella from robbing the collection plate of its skirt donations!
He certainly was blessed with those chiseled features though... am I right ladies?

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