Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hell no, Heigl!

Photo: Splash News

OK. What the Hell-a-ma-tron is going on Heigl??? I know what you're trying to do here. You're trying so hard to distract us with your big ole' brown sunnies and your several shades of brown and greige. You're hoping we will somehow not notice your hair. Your poor, poor, fried and bleached-to-shit sad excuse for hair. As someone who had black hair for 3+ years and then decided to go blonde, it boggles my mind how you've ended up this way, Kath. I mean, you're a reasonably paid and occasionally popular ACTRESS. 

I'm just a girl who had a dream of going back to blonde after 3 years of low-maintenance (and yet not so low maintenance) black. My hair transition was a well-thought-out process with my hairdresser(s), involving an initial bleaching to remove the black, some toning to a dark caramel, waiting a few weeks and bleaching again, and again, and again - and only now, 6 months later, is my hair looking actually quite fabulously platinum.

So why, Kath, when you surely had a team of Hollywood hairdressers and stylists at your disposal, did your hair turn out so horribly? I understand you wanted to seem like a "real actress" for your latest role, by actually dying your hair brown instead of wearing a wig, but if you're going to go through with something like that, you can't seriously expect to go straight back to blonde and have your hair literally and metaphorically bounce back.

I only hope you choose to wear a well-constructed wiglet for your next role as a token ditsy sheila caught up in a whirlwind romance with a dreamy, yet for some reason, risque bloke who is so wrong for you, and yet so right.

For more of Kath's hair-larious journey, follow this blog.

Yours truly,

Wear + Tear.

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