Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Call the Brigade!

J Brand 901 Legging (Jegging) in Brigade

We have a love/hate relationship with camo. It's been around since, well, the Olden Days - and this means that there's been good and bad versions of it. Some people think if they wear it, it somehow makes them look "active" or "tough". We don't like those people. We like Pretty lollypop types such as Katy Perry. We do not approve of her wearing of ugg-boots outside her house, but the pants work. We want some. STAT!

p.s. when we first saw this photo, we thought she was clutching a newborn baby. Girl loves her purse like her own spawn. *imagines KP + RB's attractive spawn*


Wear + Tear.

Photos of Katy: denimology
Jeans: J Brand website

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