Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whippin her hair like she just dont care!

The coolest kid to hit flip us on our sides since Malkauly Calkin rocked it with MJ....ahm...... your right..... Lets start again.

So the coolest kid... EVER!!! has now come in the form of  fun-sized-super-star WILLOW SMITH! The 9 yr old spawn Jader Pinkett Smith and our Prince of Bel Air Will Smith.
She's doing for childrens department stores what Gwen Stefani did for all things midriffed and torn. Shes making it totally RAD!


Willow Smith promo pic

She's just been signed with Jay Z's label Roc Nation, and the man himself (assuming one listens to rap *cough) has wrung on about her enigmatic talents, sure to make Jay z, further more so a multi billionaire. Go you Willow for helping another individual from slipping from billionaire to millionaire. HEAVEN FORBID.
Despite the choice in record labels we fully condone this little kick arse rocket in a pair of cons. And if the catwalks of Milan are anything to go by, EVERYTHING looks better small.


Wear + Tear

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