Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ladies and gentleman, shall we shout out the bleedingly obvious choice for accessories this party season? If we are to mooch of the very celebrities that brought us favourties like “stepping out of your car with no underwear”, and “ fire crothch”  then I am proud to present to you – THE VODKA BOTTLE! The ultimate accessory.
Like a well sought after hand bag you can have different calibre's that will ultimately boost your star status.

Paris opts for Belvedere – while there is no waiting list for this one, she no doubt scammed the shit out of some bar tender (note: take “scammed” for what you will) and scored this bad boy for free!


The classier of the brood can go a step up for legit designer glass wear. Try the exclusive (ohh la la) OVAL Swarovski vodka bottle. Covered in a modest 7000 swarovski crystals it has been released in the UK for 3,500 pounds! Yikes! In some bars it’ll be accompanied by an LCD display unit to create extra sparkle. If only we all got that treatment upon entry to Embassy, Dolce or China White.**Sigh


then there's the Louis vuitton.... a much better option if you plan on hurling some glass where at the snob-assistants in the store for not letting your drunk arse in!! How can they frown upon their own product being splayed across the front window, right?...... right?


So we would like to say a big thank you to the girls that made it all possible....

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