Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Neighbours: Who's gonna die?

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OK, so this isn't Fashion-related (don't even get me started on the storyline of Donna being a fashion-student/designer of shrugaleros), BUT all we care about is this: Who's gonna die at the end of the season?
Donna or Ringo?

If you don't watch Neighbours religiously, good for you! *note patronising tone*

If you record each daily episode in advance in case the traffic's bad and you might not get home by 6:30 like us, keep reading.

So someone's gonna die. At first we thought it was gonna be Paul Robinson, but it turns out people must like him as a character + "actor" (40+ year old single women?) so he's sticking around for a while longer. Which is a shame, because quite frankly, we are sick to death of his limpy-wooden-leg-I'm-such-a-back-stabbing-villain-look-at-my-pretty-pretty-audi-I-bought-even-though-Lassiters-isn't-making-profit demeanour.

Donna Freedman death pros:
* no more Shrugalero dramas
* no more disastrous cooking storylines
* no more ditzy scenarios involving Donna learning to cook/drive/be a wife

Donna Freedman death cons:
* she's one of the prettiest people on the show (that's not saying much - we're looking at YOU Neighbours casting director)
* no more lame attempted fashion lols (we love the lols)
* no more girl talks with Kate Ramsay (wait.... I think this is a pro)

Ringo Brown death pros:
* the actor that plays him (we could not give a shit what his REAL name is) can now launch his hardly anticipated acoustic music career
* The costume department can now afford to buy Rebecca yet another shipping container of non-descript jersey wrap-dresses with the money they'll save on high-pigment spac-filler concealer for Ringo's adult acne
* we just don't like him, he's lame

Ringo Brown death cons:
* -

and so it is clear, we hope that Ringo Brown gets both literally and figuratively killed off Neighbours.

Who do YOU want to die? (not a general statement - Donna or Ringo?)


Wear + Tear.

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