Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why its 'Arry Pot'ar - As you've never seen him

We all got an eyeful when he made his first attempt at post Harry acting in his stage show Equus. But this is the new version. One coated in cosmic make-up and hell, even looking grown up. He is after all 21 now. Time for him to put his spell books on the shelf and his invisibilty cloak in storage (or the black market) and start some self promotion because J.K. ROWLING hasnt been crapping out books like she used to and it could very well mean these three young magicians could be performing magic shows on street corners with a top hat up turned for extra cash.
Young actors these days have so many options though. Throw some pecs on that boy and he could no doubt land himself a Calvin Klein commercial (and a shite load pf photoshopping)
Until then though Danny boy has actually churned out some pretty alright pics for Dazed magazine. Maybe there is hope for this young starlet.

Chanelling Robert Pattinson per chance. Perhaps this is his future comp card for any leading roles as a heart throb?

AGE: 21
EXPERIENCE: Have previously enjoyed roles as a magical saviour to the wizarding world
INTERESTS: Slaying bad guy ass like its no big thang! Yo!
FUTURE CAREER GOALS: Im looking for a role where I can attract as much female attention as Robert Pattinson. Damn! I would love to tap that Kirsten Stewart!!

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