Monday, October 11, 2010

Super-size me

NEWSFLASH! Plus-size models hit the Paris runway for Viktor & Rolf!
Oh, our bad. It's just some sort of over-size/plus-size/Jared-from-the-subway-ad-these-are-my-old-pants kind of monstrosity!

Not only have Viktor and his mate Rolf once again failed to create anything even remotely wearable for anyone, or flattering on the already emaciated bodies of these models - they've actually made the models look fat. Or maybe just confuse us altogether. Among the ghastly layered shirts upon shirts upon shirts were plain-jane outfits you could find in the Mature section of David Jones. They may as well have offered us slacks.

As a first-year fashion student, I was given the task of creating a "white shirt", using all the key elements that make up a shirt, but I was instructed to be creative and "think outside the box".
Well I opened that musty 5 year-old box and look what I found:

Is that my "white shirt project" going down the runway? Is it? Is that the sorry excuse for a white shirt that I made from scratch using extremely inappropriate dress-fabrics? The shirt that no-one in their right mind would ever wear? The shirt that resembled two legs of silk dupion lamb propped on top of a weirdly sheer shirt body? It bloody could be for all I know. It's clear Viktor and Rolf really drew no line for finding the "inspiration" for this sad excuse for a collection.

And it upsets us, both of us here at Wear + Tear, because we love to love fashion made by the professionals. It's so very easy to pick apart a jersey dress from Slutpre or an ill-proportioned singlet from General Pants (that everyone will buy anyway, in the masses, like the SHEEP that they are), but it's the high fashion that keeps us going. That keeps us hoping that tomorrow will bring a new day. Shed some new light into the world of fashion. A fabulous production from Chanel, a colourful, yet wearable fantasy from Anna Sui, but no. Not this time. We got White Shirt Project 2.0

Come on Vik. Rolly? Get your shit together. You can't be conceptual designers if your collection lacks an actual concept.

Please re-submit your project for review on Tuesday 12th October, by 5pm SHARP. Penalties apply for late work and tardiness will not be tolerated.


Wear + Tear.

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